Why Have an Internet Business Strategy?

Internet Strategy is more than developing web business strategies and a web design strategy. As a business, the ultimate objective is to convert a browser into a customer. In essence, it is a plan for how your business will use the internet.


It should develop over time and implement the vision, devising a solid Internet Strategy based upon real business objectives. I believe it should, first and foremost, support your business objectives.


Increasingly the website plays a significant part within most businesses today. As the global reach of the Internet expands, so does the competition. It is getting harder to differentiate your company, products and services online. Websites need to be given more priority in the board room as a strategic means of gaining/retaining competitive advantage.

Your website is the most valuable piece of marketing collateral that you develop. The truth is a website that sells a product or service is still a business. As your business processes change, along with technology changes, your website needs to do the same. Internet Consultancy is a key aspect when considering a website project.

Your strategy is an in-depth analysis of how online technologies and tools can be implemented within a company to help reach its goals and objectives. If your Web Strategy is not generating good qualified leads, getting the responses, getting the phone calls, or at least building a list of your customers that visit your site online, what is it doing for you? An effective Web Strategy is more than web design or web site development, it should bring in the business!

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