What Does It Take to Get Project Funding in 2011 (Part 1)?

What Does It Take to Get Project Funding in 2011 (Part 1)?

Funding your International Projects has become more available, but not the way that most developers have been accustomed to over the years. If you are looking for funding for your Development Project Funding or Venture Capital Financing recently, you will know exactly what I mean. Most large ticket funding now is done with various Trade Firm Programs, and there seems to be no limit to the number that are out there. But which program to choose?

As you would expect, there are many good programs but one of the biggest problems experienced by companies and individuals trying to use these programs is what is referred to as a “Broker Chain”. Now before I get any Brokers upset here, let me say that Brokers and Intermediaries are very important parts of the business because without them many clients would not be able to navigate themselves through the mire of programs out there.

What I am referring to is when there are Brokers upon Brokers upon Brokers and somewhere in there; someone is direct with the Trade Firm that does the Trading to generate the funds that are needed to fund the program. We have all done the experiment where you tell something simple to one person and that person tells someone and then that person relays the message until finally the message gets back to you and the message is now totally different that what it started out as…that is the problem.

If your company is looking for funding for your project and you are dealing with a Broker it is always best to find out if there are Brokers ahead of your Broker, and if there are, request conversation to whoever is direct with the Trade Group.

You are not going to be able to speak with the Trade Group until your project has been submitted and approved, but once it is, you should be dealing directly with the Trade Group or the Group organizing the Program.

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