Top Ten ERP Software In The Market

Organizations are implementing Enterprise Resource Planning systems in order to realize the benefits and making their business more profitable. ERP aids in streamlining the information between the functional departments of the organization and provides for real time data easily. Many of the top ERP software cover the functional areas such as Production Management, Financial Management, Customer Service, Data Management, Material Management and Project Management. Top ten ERP software available will be discussed below but one needs to choose the ERP software which fits the business requirements. The selection depends on many factors like the business processes, reports, users, etc. The other factors are the costs, implementation ease, scalability and integrity. The top ten ERP software is defined as the most popular ERP software which is preferred by the organizations. These are the leaders in the market and have a strong hold in the market.

The top ten ERP software in the market is as follows:

1. SAP R/3: SAP R/3 is an integrated software solution by SAP for distributed open systems and client server systems. This software is used the most as R/3 fulfills the requirements of a customer. It is scalable and fits in all sizes and types of business organizations. It supports unlimited servers and runs on many databases.

2. Microsoft Dynamics: Microsoft Dynamics is an adaptable ERP and CRM solutions. It is designed to fulfill the needs of the business by streamlining and automation. It is suitable for mid sized and large organizations and is an easy to handle software.

3. SAP Business One: SAP is a market leader in the field of enterprise resource planning software. SAP Business One by SAP has many integrated modules and offers web based solutions.

4. Syspro: Syspro assists the organizations to develop their manufacturing process.

5. Epicor: Epicor offers end to end ERP solutions and is one of the top ten ERP software. It is suitable for the mid sized organizations in industries such as services, retail, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, etc. Epicor provides in depth CRM, business intelligence and SCM.

6. Sage: Accpac by Sage is aimed at the small and medium sized businesses. It is well known for its business management, accounting and CRM.

7. Infor ERP: Infor ERP is well known in the manufacturing industry and has thousands of customers. Infor ERP is also one of the top ten ERP software providers. It provides various ERP systems for the inventory management and the manufacturing processes.

8. Exact: Exact Software provides connectivity within and out of the organization. It integrates the customer relationship management or the CRM with enterprise resource planning or ERP.

9. Net Suite: Net Suite software is easy to install and offers easy customization of the software to fit according to the needs of the business.

10. Intacct: Intacct provides cheaper solutions for the small and medium sized organizations. It is well known for its financial management and the other modules are accounting, inventory, payroll, purchase, etc.

These are the top ten ERP software in the market. These are much preferred by various organizations due to their integrity and success rates.

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