Plinko – An Interactive Game to Spice Up Your Meetings

Upcoming on your schedule is another boring office meeting or another uneventful sales meeting that everyone is dreading. It does not have to be that way! Take a new approach to creating fun and excitement at boring business meetings by introducing an interactive game. Plinko is an action packed game, which has all sorts of twists, turns and fun for everyone. This game can be used at traditional events such as trade shows, employee appreciation days, annual meetings, sales meetings or anywhere you have a gathering of people. Plinko involves a combination of guessing and luck and will help create an atmosphere of interest and connectivity. Everyone enjoys a good game. Plinko is the event game that will take your boring, traditional meeting to a whole new level of fun.

About the Game

Plinko is a prize game where each player is given one round flat disc known as a Plinko puck. The Plinko board consists of symmetrically positioned pegs. The player then goes to the top of the Plinko board and drops the Plinko puck into a slot between pegs in the board. And, the Plinko puck bounces, twists and changes direction as it as it moves down the matrix of pegs. Since it will not be falling straight down, it will eventually fall to the bottom of the peg matrix and land randomly on a customized prize. The player wins the prize that corresponds to the prize where the Plinko puck lands.


Plinko has evolved so much that there are now different versions and variations. Unique Plinko boards are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic with a powder coated steel frame. This makes the Plinko board flexible, yet strong and durable. The large Plinko game weighs about 12.5 with generous dimensions of 32″ width, 50.5″ height and 23″ depth. The large Plinko game is used in locations where many people will be present and the gaming fun must be seen from relatively far distances. However, a mini Plinko version is available for more intimate gatherings or for use on a table top, but still offers the same interactivity and fun. The Plinko boards are available in white or black. Each Plinko game comes with 3 opposite colored Plinko pucks, black or white.


The advantages of Plinko game are evident from its popularity among all types of people across many decades of the game’s existence. A huge feature for corporate environment meetings is the Plinko does not require assembly and detailed set-up. It can be shipped directly to your event location, and be opened and used within minutes. The large Plinko offers a generous surface for game visibility but does not take up a large area within your location. The best part of the Plinko game is the ability to customize the prizes. As an event coordinator, you can create awesome prize giveaways in the form of cash, gift cards, or physical items by using the custom prize templates. The Plinko prize templates are easy to use in Microsoft Office(R) Word, Adobe Acrobat (R) or Adobe Illustrator (R) file formats. And, the templates are free! All you need is creativity to include applicable prizes and branding exposure for your unique group gathering.

For the event coordinator who is constantly on the go or has multiple events during a calendar year, the large Plinko tote has a protective travel case for the Plinko game. It is made of strong canvas and has been uniquely designed to snuggly fit the large Plinko board. In addition, the Plinko tote includes an adjustable strap and side pocket for Plinko puck storage. The Plinko tote is must for travelers using the Plinko game.

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