Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Server

What to Expect From the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

When you decide to buy a web hosting plan, many questions come to your mind about choosing the right server. As you know, dedicated servers are entrusted with offering a server for a company or organization. 

If you are searching for the best hosting option for your business, it is wise to opt for a managed dedicated server. However, it is important to know the difference between a managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting server.

What is Meant by a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is more or less like an in-house server, owned, operated and managed by the backend provider. In a shared hosting, multiple users share a single server resource, leading to performance and security issues. Whereas, in a dedicated server, users get exclusive control and resources designated to meet the specific needs.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

  • Growth and Traffic 

The dedicated server provides you with the flexibility to adjust to traffic spikes on your website and, at the same time, positively impacts your page loading times. 

  • Security and Control 

Security is the primary advantage of opting for a dedicated server. Each server has a unique IP address, so if you choose a dedicated server, your website will have its unique IP address. While maintaining server security, you can install the highest level of protection available for your website. Your data, applications, and customer database will be safe. Moreover, dedicated servers grant users complete control over hardware, software, and configurations.

  • No Resource Sharing 

With a dedicated server, you do not have to share resources. Dedicated servers offer exclusive resource allocation, henc, providing consistent performance and enhanced security. No resource sharing eliminates the issues of performance degradation.

Managed V/S Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Server 

The differences between managed vs unmanaged dedicated server is discussed below: 

Managed Dedicated Hosting Server Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Server 

The hosting provider manages the server in case of a managed dedicated server hosting. 
The user is given the right to manage the server. 
In managed dedicated server hosting, no technical expertise is needed. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting requires the users to have technical expertise. 
Managed dedicated server hosting is more expensive. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting is cheaper. 
Managed dedicated server hosting offers additional security patches and updates. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting needs users to implement their security measures. 
The system is already optimized for better performance in a dedicated hosting managed server. 
In unmanaged dedicated hosting, the user optimizes the server for better speeds and uptime. 

Things to Consider While Choosing Between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Providers 

  1. Budget 

Always review the budget, as managed hosting is more expensive than unmanaged hosting. 

  1. Time

Always evaluate the time that you can dedicate to a server for task management. It would be wise to choose a hosting option that aligns with your requirements and priorities. 

  1. Scalability

While choosing between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting, be very sure about the scalability requirements. Determine whether the hosting provider offers scalability options to accommodate your growing business needs.


Therefore, the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers depends on various factors, such as budget needs, technical expertise, control requirements, budget and time constraints. Be careful when comparing both because only then will you be able to make an informed decision that aligns with your hosting requirements and business objectives. 

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