How to Pick Your Perfect Diamond Ring: Tips and Tricks

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Picking a diamond ring for the love of your life and future fiance could always be a nerve-wracking and confusing thing at times and you sometimes do not know where to start. You want everything to be perfect and to go smoothly, and an engagement ring is the centerpiece of the proposal. 

Questions like “What is a good quality diamond for an engagement ring?” and “How do you pick the best value diamond?” pops up in your mind and so, pick your perfect diamond ring through these guides:

How do I choose a diamond ring?

  1. Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond is the centerpiece of your ring, and the rest of the ring is basically catered towards that. Round brilliants are the most popular diamond shape and it shines more than the rest, but it is up to you and your partner’s preference. If you are unsure about this, you could ask some family and friends to help you.

  1. Carat Weight

The Carat weight affects how big the diamond looks. Choose a carat weight range that is up to your budget because as the carat weight increases, so does the price.

  1. Cut Quality

The cut quality of the diamond highly affects what the ring would look like. Cut grades aren’t really standardized among all vendors, but the Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds are usually the way to go.

  1. Color Grade Range

When you are choosing the color of your diamond, you should choose a diamond that appears white. Diamonds that are in the G to I range usually appear white and they cost less, unlike the D to E which costs much more.

  1. Clarity Grade

You should look for a diamond that is eye-clean. You should not be able to see any of the blemishes, or inclusions that you could see using your naked eye. VS1 – VS2 is usually the range that gives off the eye-cleanish look. 

  1. Comparing to Similar Diamonds

After narrowing your specs down, you could consider aspects like how brilliant the diamond is, does it look clean to the naked eye, and if the price is within your budget. You could also look at the other characteristics like fluorescence, polish, and symmetry effect to ensure that you are satisfied with what the diamond looks like.

  1. Verify

You should verify the certificate of the diamond. It is advised that you confirm only getting GIA Certified diamonds when buying loose diamonds since they are more consistent in their grading. IGI, EGL, and HRD on the other hand have not been as reliable because they were inconsistent. 

  1. Expert Opinion

Getting an expert’s opinion could ensure you in getting the best diamond that is in your price range. It is not really necessary, but this would give you more confidence in what you are buying.

  1. Buy It!!

Once you are done with all of the other steps, you could now make the purchase. A lot of vendors online usually offer a hassle-free return within 30 days when your partner isn’t satisfied or if you suddenly do not like the design you chose and you can get your money back. 

Which of the 4 C’s is the most important diamond?

The usual guide people use in picking a diamond is the 4 C’s:

  1. Cut

These are the quality of the angles, proportions, facets, and finishing details.

  1. Color

How colorless the diamond is, or the color that you choose the diamond on the ring would look like.

  1. Clarity

This is how clean the diamond looks, having minimal to no inclusions and blemishes that are visible to the naked eye.

  1. Carat

This is the weight of the diamond. This affects the price because the higher the carat, the pricier it gets.

These 4 qualities are equally important and affect how the ring would look in general. They will dictate how the diamond would appear and how high the quality is, from the reflection of the light and the color and clarity. 

The four C’s are graded by professionals as a guide so that people who are buying would have a consistent scale to reference to, to see if the ring they are buying is truly in that price range. Using this, you could also get a wholesale 4 carat round engagement ring that is in your price range, as long as you keep in mind the 4 C’s.