How to Be Successful and Profitable Trading Stocks and Options As a REAL Business From Your Home

The concern with initiating a business based on investing the stock or option markets is that it looks like they are constantly changing and there is loads of risk! As you know, the markets go up in some unspecified time in the future and down the next! I was surely confused which way the market would head, and since I hated the thought of losing money I attempted to “predict” the market’s trend for the reason that that’s how I thought money was produced. I got surely, surely good at ‘technical analysis’… I thought that it held the main factor to profits… if I could say where the market was headed it would be simple to make money, right? I read all about waves and candle sticks, MACD, ADX, CCI, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci and hundreds of chart ‘patterns’… and I thought I ‘knew’ something’ about the future of the market!

Frankly, technical indicators are like crutches – they only assist to support and validate your trading ideas already educated in your mind. They don’t help you become a better trader or see the truth of the market. There are only 3 technical indicators you require to run this business: support, resistance and trend lines. That’s’ it. We keep it simple. Simple makes me money. I additionally discovered the best 1% of all wholesalers do the specific opposite of what I attempted to do when I first got started (predict the market)… The fact is…Most of the elite traders do not care if the market goes up or down – they make money either way. They use charts sparingly. All top merchants do is deal with their risk and make the most of the only truths of the market – the ONLY best truths of the market.

For stocks that ONE best Truth is this:

1) All stocks fluctuate in price.

For -OPTIONS- there are two best Truths:

1) All -OPTIONS- fluctuate in price and
2) All -OPTIONS- expire.

The top merchants learn to respect these rules for the reason that they are the ONLY truths of the market.

You might think there are other truths but there aren’t–

Everything you hear about the market outside these 2 rules is hearsay, perspective, commentary and even complete fantasy. for sure you will never hear a person on CNBC even remark these 2 rules for the reason that they would have nothing to report! I do not think so! So the highly rated traders respect these rules for the reason that they are so potent and it benefits them cut by ways of the ‘market noise’. Then they design their trading business around these rules to exploit them. Once they see an chance they jump on it and easily manage their business ‘by the numbers’ and, for me it takes 15 minutes – once in a while less – a day. How much can you make? Frankly, it relies on your capital, capability to learn, and your capability to maintain your self-control in this business. do not be concerned about how much you have to start up your investment business (even despite the fact that I had a considerable amount of money I could spend, I started mine with a small amount so I could learn this business).

Just learn the aptitudes and reinvest your profits – they will grow rapidly. If you’ve lost money in the market it can destroy your confidence. My system will permit you to trade with 100% confidence again for the reason that instead of hoping to make a make money by guessing what to do, you’ll have a plan. remind what I told at the most recognized of this letter… this is not about hype. I will never certify you will make money with this business for the reason that I cannot tell how you’ll use the information that I’m going share with you. Your success in your investment business relies on only one point: The measures YOU make. the only alternative for you to make the right choices is by having superior know-how. Once you comprehend how to truly make money, you will trade with total confidence. That’s what I can do for you and I don’t say it lightly, it’s true. in addition, I can’t give you official investment advice because I’m not an investment adviser registered with the SEC and I’m by no means a CFP (certified financial planner), so if you watch the videos and you see me trading a definite ETF or stock please don’t interpret it as a suggestion. I can explain you exactly what I do, and how I do it. I’ll teach you virtually everything I know about this business; but the actual choices you make with your money is up to only one person: You.

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