Divorce vs. Legal Separation in Columbus: A quick guide

Divorce Lawyer Columbus - Grounds For Divorce in Ohio

Let’s start with a unique fact – There is a difference between divorce and dissolution of marriage in Ohio. It is the only state where a no-fault divorce (where both parties decide to end the marriage) is called the dissolution of marriage. However, there is one more option, which is legal separation. If you are confused about whether you should divorce your spouse in Columbus, consider seeking legal help. A Columbus divorce attorney can help you understand the legal aspects of your circumstances.

Legal separation explained

Most divorces start with separation, which could be permanent or temporary. There are times when two spouses may not want to end the marriage but wish to live separately, and that’s when a legal separation could be an option for them. It could be due to the need to continue to get insurance benefits, while some people also have religious reasons not to get a divorce. In a legal separation, you will still need to figure out things like property division, child custody, and parenting rights, and you must sign a separation agreement with your spouse.

Divorce explained

A divorce is the eventual end of a marriage. Once you are divorced, you and your spouse are free to date other people and remarry, which is not the case with legal separation. In a legal separation, you are still legally married to your spouse. Divorce also requires both parties to decide about everything we discussed besides alimony. If you and your spouse are okay with the decision and have no conflict, you can get an uncontested divorce, which can be finalized within months.

Call a lawyer

Whether you are considering a legal separation or a divorce, you need to have a fair understanding of the consequences. Consider calling a family law attorney to know whether there are any benefits to a legal separation. If you never want to get back together or when there are no perks like insurance, you may do better with a divorce. Many couples also avoid divorce for the sake of minor kids. Let a skilled divorce lawyer guide you on every aspect.

Your family lawyer will take care of the paperwork, ensuring you have time for other things. Having an attorney also is an indicator that you don’t want to compromise on your rights, which is important in an uncontested divorce. Most lawyers will charge an hourly rate for divorce and family law matters in Ohio.

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