Boeing, Oracle, EDS, And Other High Profile Companies Have Drawn Great Benefits from Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping, if you are not aware, primarily uses non-linear methods and leans heavily on association and links. These very features of Mind Mapping lend the technique a great deal of power and simplicity, and the resourcefulness of the technique emerges only from the actual application. You will find that Mind Mapping greatly facilitates group activities and hence is ideal for Brainstorming, Project Planning, Presentation and whole lot of other applications as you can creatively apply.

What is of significance is that Mind Maps are a great boon in large business corporations, where thousands of executives or employees have to undergo training, or managers are involved in Meetings, Presentations, Brainstorming, Seminars, and wide range of other activities. When Mind Maps are applied in these sessions, you will be fascinated by how the whole process takes on a new meaning and significance. People who have applied Mind Maps will vouch for the value they derived. Not surprising then that Boeing, Oracle EDS, Nabisco and other big companies that used the technique drew immense benefits. Testimonies to this are as follows:

A Boeing Aircraft Engineering Manual was condensed into a 25-foot long Mind Map to enable a team of 100 senior aeronautical engineers to learn in a few weeks, what took a few years earlier. This resulted in the company netting an estimated saving of $11 million.

In training courses, EDS Digital Computers and British Petroleum found that using Mind Maps brought in huge savings – as much as 80%. EDS and Nabisco have implemented group commando study program using Mind Maps and Mind Map Organic Study Technique on a group of 120 senior members. Results showed that they were able to condense and disseminate information amounting to 4-6 books in a day’s session. At Oxford and Cambridge Universities, students like Edward Hughes used group Mind Map to obtain, with minimal time and effort, high first class grades in examinations.

Alan Matcham of Oracle Corp., had introduced Mind Maps decades ago. As Director of Change Management, he had resorted to Mind Maps to communicate complex ideas, intra-departmental brainstorming, Presentations and for collating information into integrated units. Sargio Giacoletto, ex-Vice President of Oracle, Europe, is a great fan of Mind Mapping technique.

There are many more notable users, who have applied and continue to advocate Mind Map technique in different areas of their professional lives. In the hands of experienced users, Mind Maps find ready application in great many activities that requires clear thinking, exploring ideas at length, helping to find relationships amongst different elements, collating a gamut of information, planning, analysis, group interactions, and so on.

What is indeed a notable feature of Mind Map technique is that it makes for quick reading, easy assimilation and memory, and fast review. The non-linear method of using key words and phrases, apart from conveying the essence of thoughts, colors, pictures and symbols have deep mnemonic value, making reading a facile process. Since ideas are grouped under relevant headings with different levels of branches, the progression of thoughts and ideas can be very easily assimilated.

In addition, the relational significance between different elements of the subject matter under study is brought to bear instantly. Also, use of succinct messages converged and coalesced into a single integrated Mind Maps makes reviewing of the whole range of information double quick than the conventional method of involving long sentences and logical sequence. Besides, the ease of arranging ideas, capturing running thoughts and ideas, the personal involvement evoked and creativity it triggers makes Mind Mapping a distinct technique worth cultivating. Needless to say, all these and more render Mind Mapping not just as a perfect tool, but an indispensable life tool as well, finding application in a vast array of human activities, not just for business heads but every individual – from a child to adult.

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